Why Use Reclaimed Materials?

The construction industry has a big impact on the environment. The energy consumption is vast and the constant use of natural resources causes large amounts of pollution and waste. Every year in the UK alone, construction materials account for close to 122 million tonnes! Meaning around 1/3 of total waste in the UK comes just from the construction industry! With an 18% contribution towards total carbon dioxide emissions, which is a major contributor to global warming. On top of this, costs associated with the extraction, production, manufacture and transportation of new building materials are immense.

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What We Offer At Work Safe Industries

We supply a variety of reclaimed bricks such as London Yellow; timber, including joists; marble, kerbs and many other valuable materials reclaimed from our demolition projects. To find out more about our whole inventory of stock please call us on the below number. There are many benefits to using reclaimed materials, and using reclaimed materials can have a huge effect on reducing the environmetnal impacts of a demolition project, saving up to 95% of the embodied costs by preventing unnecessary production of new materials. This also means the amount of waste we send to landfill is significantly reduced.

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A Growing Trend

Currently, less than 1% of reclaimed materials are used in new building projects in the UK. Although this figure is low, ithe numbers are growing and it will soon be a lot higher. One of the challenges has been a shortage of information about where to find, and how to use these reclaimed materials in the design and development of new construction projects. This includes being up to date on the current legislation, industry standards, and how the materials will perform relative to new materials. Another common obstacle in using reclaimed materials is the cost of extraction during demolition, limitations from using reclaimed materials, and storage issues and handling the management of materials when moving between sites.

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